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Early Days

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front the past few weeks as 2 weeks ago my son arrived. We named him Jack, weighing in at a sensible 2915g.

He came on a glorious Sunday afternoon after a short but intense labor that started with the medical staff breaking my waters. We were induced as I had noticed fewer movements overnight, but I was blessed that all our induction consisted of was the rupture of membranes and nothing else. My body was ready.

Jack was born assisted by the vacuum cup as my second stage was prolonged (two and a half hours of pushing) and his heart rate was starting to drop during contractions.

And my worry about tearing was thankfully for naught, I had a very small episiotomy with no extra tearing. Interestingly, when the head was pushing against my perineum it didn’t feel painful, but rather the pressure felt familiar as it was the same sensation I experienced with the perineal massage. I really think that process helped the final result!

Leading up to the birth I had been practicing Calm Birthing techniques learnt through The Calm Birth School book and audios. I really think this helped the whole process stay calm and joy filled despite having some hiccups that led to an induction, and enabled me to be really happy with how my birth turned out, even with the complications. If you are pregnant I really recommend checking out calm birthing.

Jack’s early days have been really kind to us. we have been fortunate to have a baby who is sleeping pretty well so far and keeping his troubles with wind to the early evening hours.

A week ago we went down to the horse paddock to roll out a new round bale for Essie. She had run out of hay and we are in quite a bad drought. I took Jack down in the Baby Bjorn front pack but I didn’t get to spend any time cuddling my pony as she was ravenous for the hay and it wasn’t safe.

I can tell you that this did not make me feel very good. Little thoughts that ‘I’m not going to be able to do this’ started to appear and began to slither their dark tendrils across my mind. I was tearful on the car ride home.

When thoughts like this start to overrun my mind, I employ a technique I learnt from Jane Pike at Confident Rider and hit the DELETE button. These thoughts are erased and I hop my way back to better feeling thoughts. After all, it’s only been a week!! <this technique requires some practice but it does help to get your thoughts back on the right track>

Next time I’ll share more of my journey with Essie, where we were at before her holiday, and the plan moving forwards. And then we’ll see how that goes! I’m sure there’s going to be more days when I’ll feel like it’s all too hard but I’m looking forward to this new adventure of making my horsey dream work whenever and however I can.


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